The Early Harvest olive oil Garcia de la Cruz has been acknowledged with a Gold Award at one of the most important olive oil competitions worldwide, the NYIOOC.

The “New York Olive Oil Competition” took place on April 27th in New York City. One of the most important competitions worldwide, honoring extra virgin olive oils qualities.

García de la Cruz, participating along with 900 samples from 27 different countries, the five continents, has obtained a Gold Award at this prestigious contest with the Early Harvest olive oil. This award is not new for the Company, given that in 2015 Garcia de la Cruz obtained another Gold Award at this competition.

The jury was formed by a group of 15 olive oil tasters coming from all the producing areas: Spain, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Australia, Japan, USA, France, Argentina and Turkey.

This Gold Award acknowledging Garcia de la Cruz’s Early Harvest at the NYIOOC Silver Awards obtained at the Monde Selection Awards for the Organic and Arebquina olive oils; the Bronze Award at the same competition for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil; two Special Mentions to the Early Harvest olive oil and the Cornicabra D.O. Montes de Toledo. All of these awards have been granted this present year.

García de la Cruz family have grown and cared their olive groves since time immemorial. It’s been already five generations of olive oil growers producing and manufacturing one of the best extra virgin olive oils worldwide. Garcia de la Cruz is present in more than 40 countries and in the five continents. The Company has grown from a small family business to become one of the companies with the highest international development and influence worldwide. Founded in 1872, it has been already 145 years of experience in the sector to endorse the brand, and counts with the highest international quality certifications and awards.